Portable ultrasound Chison Eco 1

New portable B/W ultrasound system CHISON ECO 1 with the newest technologies on board. Reliability, as CHISON is one of the biggest companies which produce portable ultrasound systems, easy to use workflow and finally its portability due to light weight platform are main key features. Includes built-in battery (2 hours autonomy). Connection with all type of transducers: Convex,micro-convex, Linear, Vaginal-Endocavity.The latest technology of Multiple Beam Forming increases the spatial resolution in comparison with others ultrasound systems.

Ultrasound specifications :

  • Brand new hardware platform.
  • Updated software with easy to use workflow.
  • Imaging modes: 2D (B mode), 2B (dual images), 4B (quad images), M-mode and B/M-mode.
  • 256 Gray scale levels.
  • Full alphanumeric keyboard.
  • Back light keyboard.
  • Zoom - 4 levels.
  • Scanning depth 24cm max.
  • 2 probe connectors.
  • Multiple frequency transducers (2.5 Μhz-11Mhz) depending on the type of transducer and the type of the exam.
  • Lightweight transducers (Makes Scan Easy and Fast) with enhanced case for protection from accidents.
  • Availiable biopsy kit.
  • 12” LED monitor.
  • Monitor angle 0o to 30o.
  • Archive Managements (Patient information management, Patient images record and export ,Patient exam report).
  • Measurement software packages for all medical Applications.
  • Cineloop.
  • Adjust focus number / position.
  • AIO - one touch button (Adaptive image optimization)
  • Annotation.
  • Arrow - bodymark.
  • 3 USB 3.0 ports.
  • STC (Segmant Tissue Control).
  • VGA port.
  • BNC port.
  • Foot switch port.
  • LAN port (network).
  • Connection with thermal Printer or A4 printer.
  • Print report in A4 paper, including patient information,images, measurements and diagnosis.
  • Chison trolley availiable.
  • Chison carring bag availiable for transportation.
  • Built-in battery and external charger 220V.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Factory Warranty.


For additional information please download the relevant brochure below in pdf format

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